The Importance of Values

28 March 2017

We conclude that a values-based, consultative selling approach is an important first step to developing a new global selling mindset. These values should be “values of the buyer” and not “values of the salesperson,” and they should be contextualised for each buyer and his or her buying situation.

Finally, we argue that values-based sales professionals “co-create” a new mindset with their clients, and that this process is a core component of the new selling mindset. Rational selling has always been about matching sellers and buyers, but values-based selling is about matching sellers and buyers’ values. Without that, and without client collaboration, rational selling will remain a “transactional process”.

In an original project submitted for his Doctor of Professional Studies qualification, Philip Squire asked: How can a “client-centric values” approach to selling lead to the “co-creation” of a new global selling mindset?

The importance of values

This article first appeared in the May 2017 edition of the International Journal of Sales TransformationReproduced by permission of the International Journal of Sales Transformation. ©2017.

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