The Importance of Purpose as a Profit Centre

15 February 2020

Alf Janssen is Sales Director Strategic Accounts for SAP Netherlands and is participating in the Consalia Masters programme with Middlesex University. In this paper, he looks at the importance of purpose for organisations, and specifically how an improved understanding of SAP’s purpose and promise, could be used to support the Managing Partners (Global Account Leaders) to strengthen their business conversations.


Based on his research, Alf concluded that a purpose-driven approach is the new normal. Purpose is a profit centre as it builds reputation, drives innovation and engages employees, customers and consumers. The lag indicators show a significant impact on business performance, employee retention and customer preference with a purpose-driven approach. The interviews with customers, partners and colleagues allowed him to implement the right lead indicators at SAP’s Platinum Customer Unit to secure success and are already leading to change.

Purpose as a Profit Centre


This article appeared in the 2019 Q4 edition of The International Journal of Sales Transformation, authored by Alf Janssen of SAP.

Reproduced by permission of the International Journal of Sales Transformation. ©2019.

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