Student Testimonial: Dave Solomons - Toshiba

22 February 2021


Dave Solomons at Toshiba is currently on the Level 7 Senior Sales Leader Apprenticeship. We caught up with Dave to find out how he has found the student experience.


  • How far are you into the programme and how have you found the work-study balance of the programme?

I am in my 2nd year of study and have hugely enjoyed the programme so far. It has been challenging to manage around work and family life and requires significant commitment from me, as a student, to manage these elements.

The content, delivery and support from Consalia has been exceptional.


  • How are you finding it? / Was it everything you had expected?

I’m not sure I was prepared for the volume of work or commitment required prior to starting the programme.

I have enjoyed the learning which has exceeded my expectations.


  • What has been your most impactful module to date?

The most impactful module so far has been "Thinking innovatively about Sales leadership".

The breadth and depth of content was exceptional. This module opened my eyes to numerous possibilities and led me to reflect on my current approach. This has led to transformational changes within my practice, focused around my team engagement and my teams skill-set and mind-set growth.

The coaching module has also provided a massive benefit to both my team and I. Previously I would describe our sessions as me feeling the need to provide the answers for my team, believing this was good leadership. Our sessions are now more regular and team members now actually request coaching sessions, something I would not have imagined previously.

I feel my coaching development has created a greater insight of my team and their values and provided the opportunity for me to support their own personal development. I am more aware of when I should coach and when I need to lead. My coaching skills are not as developed as I would like but continue to improve.


  • What do you feel has been the biggest change in your life since starting the programme? 

For me, the most significant change has been in my approach. When faced with a problem, I take the time to step back and evaluate alternatives, where previously I would have pushed ahead with my own idea. Often I return to the models learned or look to research new models which might assist decisions or strategy.


  • Have there been any notable results so far?

As a team that is improving and growing, there is tangible progress in terms of the overall team mind-set. We are delivering exceptional results currently, whilst this is not solely down to my attendance of the Masters programme, it has contributed hugely to our current success.


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