Re-imagining the Hiring Process to Support Growth Aspirations

14 December 2015

"In 2012, I was presented with a unique opportunity to help shape our future leadership team. As part of SAP Masters, an apprentice development programme for SAP employees, I was given the opportunity to design and deliver a project in an area I felt passionate about. I chose to explore how we could better attract, hire and promote talent within SAP. I challenged myself to identify the key elements of a good hiring process, and design a process which ensured we attracted the best people"


As part of his SAP Masters programme, Paul Devlin is exploring how sales transformation can be implemented within his team and the wider organisation. Here, he discusses how he has used reflection, "action research" and "appreciative inquiry" to enhance the sales recruitment process.


Hiring Process to Support Growth Aspirations


This article appeared in the April 2015 edition of The International Journal of Sales Transformation, authored by Paul Devlin, SAP.

Reproduced by permission of the International Journal of Sales Transformation. ©2015.

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