Missed 'Thriving in Sales' webinar?

01 May 2020

London, 01 May, 2020 - If you missed the first series of the ‘Thriving in Sales’ webinars hosted by Ian Helps, Director and Co-Owner of Consalia, we’ve made the recording available to view in your own time. The webinar was delivered to 100+ attendees, as well as 5000+ in-house attendees where Ian spoke insightfully about managing change, looking after yourself and connecting to what your customers actually want.

Here’s a recap of some of the topics that were touched upon during the webinar:


How can you thrive in sales when working from home?

Working from home used to be seen as a concept that most companies either allowed employees to do once a week, or not at all. In the current climate, working from home is the new norm.

Whilst there are some obvious benefits to this new norm, there are some downsides. Most notably over the course of this lockdown, there is a perceived lack of human interaction with our work colleagues. Technology has enabled us to stay in virtual contact with our peers thus allowing for us to remain productive. However, there is a feeling of imprisonment that is sometimes experienced during these extended periods of time working from our own homes.

So how do we ensure that we as sales professionals continue to thrive in these circumstances? We start on ourselves, as we have a duty of care to the businesses we work for and our customers.


How do we manage our own change?

As Ian explains, to move ourselves through the SARA curve, sales professionals need to start on themselves.

A popular analogy that Ian uses are the oxygen masks on a plane that are released when the cabin experiences a loss in pressure. Flight attendants always tell passengers to make sure they’ve placed the oxygen masks on themselves first before attending to other passengers around them. If you attempt to help others around you before securing yourself, you’re more likely to wind up unconscious before you can actually assist. In the same way, sales professionals can only provide excellent support and services to their customers when they manage themselves first.

By ensuring that you build a new work-life balance and get the basics under control for yourself, you’ll be able to get back to the main focus of your role: selling.

In the webinar, Ian also eludes to a conversation with an ex-marine about remote working, as well as how to thrive in the long-term with an interesting take on Nelson Mandela.


How can you apply a positive sales Mindset?

The concept of Mindsets is embedded through Consalia’s approach in the development of sales professionals. Mindsets are a set of values which enable sales success, which we developed through our extensive research into what makes successful salespeople. These are:

  • Authenticity – building credible trust with your customers
  • Client Centricity – customer at the heart of your approach
  • Proactive Creativity – thinking of ways your customer can succeed without waiting to be asked
  • Tactful Audacity – fearless approaches to solutions brought to your customer

Mindsets are now applicable more than ever and will play a huge part in how you shape the conversation with your customers.


Access the full webinar recording

To explore these topics in more detail, as well as the other subjects that Ian covered, you can access the ‘Thriving in Sales’ webinar by sending us an email here. We’ll then provide you access via email.

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