Institute of Sales Professionals

10 March 2019

 Institute of Sales Professionals



Andy Hough, CEO of the Institute of Sales Professionals (formerly known as the Association of Professional Sales, APS), explains the role of the ISP in the Apprenticeship programme. He also talks about the importance of professional development and sales training for the sales profession and profit organisation.

The ISP is recognised as the foremost professional body for the sales industry, both in the UK and worldwide. We have developed a development programme for the sales profession. The ISP's Academy provides professional development programmes for sales professionals. More than 50,000 sales professionals have trained with The ISP Academy. Sales training is essential. Sales training improves the skills and professionalism of salespeople.

The ISP Academy provides sales training, sales training courses, sales seminars and sales workshops. They provide sales training in London, the UK and worldwide. Sales training is delivered by experienced sales trainers with many years of sales experience.