Emotional Intelligence in Sales

28 January 2020

Simon Quinton discusses The Role of Emotional Intelligence or EI in driving High Performing Sales Teams. Simon had researched this topic for his Master's degree. At the GST conference in October 2019, Simon gave an overview of his project and outlined some of the key findings of his research:

  • The strengths and weaknesses of emotional intelligence.
  • He also touches on the ability to recognize social awareness.
  • How to manage your emotions and mental health
  • The ability to understand and manage salespeople to become effective leaders.
  • The use of social skills to develop high levels of emotional intelligence.

He also takes a point of view of the importance of relationship management on how to pay attention to your sales team to get the best out of them. This video is an extract from his presentation at the event. Simon is VP and Managing Director, UK and Ireland, for Informa.