Case Study

Lennie Monteiro – How talking to a chatbot led to an award win

Lennie Monteiro is a sales leader with decades of experience in sales enablement. He was considering studying an MBA, but instead chose to study for Consalia’s sales-specific master’s programme, writing his dissertation on the ethical use of AI.

Case Study

Tactful Audacity: Sony Mobile's Triumph in a Changing Market

How did Sony Mobile turn a problem into an opportunity? By leveraging tactful audacity and a compelling value proposition, one of the 12 key account managers selected to attend the 'Leading Sales Transformation' Master's Programme, Gustavo Mancera, doubled market share from 8.7% to 17.4% in Colombia. This case study showcases the impact of values-based decision-making and bold strategies in achieving exceptional success.

Case Study

Values-Based Selling: Hewlett-Packard's Journey to Enhanced Sales Performance

This case study explores HP's successful implementation of a values-based sales approach, resulting in improved win rates and market share. Emphasising authenticity and positive mindsets, the study highlights the significance of aligning values with customers for long-term sales success.

Case Study

SAP - Transforming Sales Manager's Leadership

Axel Ferreyrolles, Head of Innovation and Transformation, Global CS Field Enablement at SAP, enhances global sales teams' performance through innovative learning strategies and leadership curriculum. Learn about his experience on the Executive Masters.


Case Study

ConstructXion - The Importance of Account Management

ConstructXion is a multi-billion-dollar professional services consultancy operating out of more than 100 offices worldwide and employing over 10,000 people.

Royal Caribbean

Case Study

Royal Caribbean: Potential Disaster to an Opportunity

This case study is the perfect example of all four of the mindsets and values being exhibited that Consalia promotes: Authenticity, Client Centricity, Proactive Creativity, and Tactful Audacity 

Allied Mining

Case Study

Allied Mining - How To Win A New Account

TSC had no account manager for this account. Were they going to put together a team to pursue this opportunity? Was it going to be worth the considerable opportunity cost? How were they going to approach this problem?


Case Study

Starbucks and HP Collaborate To Continue Their Growth

Starbucks wanted to become a destination point for their customers. But how were they going to do this? What value could they add to their affluent mobile professional customer base?