#118 – Mapping out challenges through coaching w/ Claudia Filsinger

11 April 2024

This week on The Sales Transformation Podcast Phil speaks to Claudia Filsinger, the Founder and Managing Director of coaching and consultancy firm Moving Maps. 

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Having lectured in business, career management and coaching at Oxford Brookes Business School and become an accredited executive coach herself, Claudia founded Moving Maps to help clients problem-solve using systemic coaching methods. 


Highlights include: 

  • [11:08] – Both sides must define what they want to get out of coaching 
  • [31:14] – How to use systemic coaching to map out challenges 
  • [43:07] – Critical reflection is a coach's superpower 


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Find out more about Moving Maps:



If you’d like to find out more about Claudia’s coaching methodologies, you can find some of the articles she has written below: 


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The remote line manager as a coach




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