#112 – GST XVIII: Crafting the Future of Sales Leadership: Unlocking ICP Insights, Cutting-Edge Tech, and Sales Excellence w/ Ofer Zilberman

29 February 2024

It’s another talk from Global Sales Transformation XVIII this week on The Sales Transformation Podcast, this time from Ofer Zilberman, Global Head of Sales Operations at Board International. 

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In this session, Ofer walks us through how he leveraged the ever-growing power of technology to build an ideal customer profile (ICP) for Board, leading to massive increases in revenue and win-rate. 


Highlights include: 

  • [07:31] – What is an ideal customer profile? 
  • [17:13] – Double your revenue by selling to your ICP 
  • [19:19] – How to combine technologies across functions to leverage your ICP 


NOTE: This talk contains visual elements. You can watch over on our YouTube channel for the full experience! 

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