#109 – GST XVIII: Ethical AI in Sales Technology: Navigating Data Privacy, Bias, and Transparency w/ Lennie Monteiro

08 February 2024

Is your company ready for the AI revolution? This week on the Sales Transformation Podcast it’s another talk from Global Sales Transformation XVIII by Lennie Monteiro, Director of Sales Performance at Sysco Canada.

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A lot of organisations are excited about the potential of AI, but have they addressed the ethical concerns? In this session Lennie guides us through some of the risks this new technology poses and how companies can mitigate them through proper governance. 


Highlights include: 

  • [06:38] – If we can't solve philosophical dilemmas, how can an AI? 
  • [11:26] – Could AI become prejudiced from the data points we have produced? 
  • [22:08] – How companies can mitigate risk when us


NOTE: This talk contains visual elements. You can watch over on our YouTube channel for the full experience! 


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