Global Sales Transformation XVIII

6th December 2023, London Stock Exchange

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The Theme: Proactively Ready For Whatever The Future Holds

On Wednesday 6th December 2023, the sales industry's finest gathered at the iconic London Stock Exchange for the 18th Global Sales Transformation event hosted by Consalia.

In an ever-changing world, it's crucial to ask yourself, "Do you know what the future looks like for you and your organisation?".

The theme of this year's event was around being Future Ready and how the leaders of tomorrow can embrace the idea of anticipation, a concept we believe holds the key to thriving in the face of unprecedented challenges.

Becoming Future Ready is the cornerstone of success in today's unpredictable landscape. Recent global events, from the pandemic to economic turmoil, have taught us that adaptability and foresight are essential.

What can I learn?: Learn From A List Of Esteemed Guest Speakers

Our keynote speakers, Phil Squire, CEO at Consalia, and Cathy Ward, former COO of SAP APJ and now Founder at The Future Ready Agency, led the way by sharing their visionary perspectives and practical advice. Their talk will provide you with the frameworks to stay ahead of the curve and position your organisation for future success.

But that's not all; you'll also hear from esteemed speakers whose expertise will broaden your understanding of how to adapt to an evolving world. View our guest speakers in the line up below.

Additionally, our panel of experts will offer unique insights into preparing sales professionals for future-ready customer conversations.

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Guest Speakers and Panelists

Cathy Ward bust

Cathy Ward

Operating Partner - Keensight Capital
Jon Nicholson bust

Jon Nicholson

UK Sales Director - Royal Mail
Ofer Zilberman bust

Ofer Zilberman

Global Head of Sales Operations - Board International
Lennie Monteiro bust

Lennie Monteiro

Director of Sales Performance - Sysco Canada
Paul Devlin bust

Paul Devlin

Chief Operating Officer - Causeway Technologies
Vlatka Hlupic bust

Vlatka Hlupic

CEO - Management Shift Solutions
Dr Grant van Ulbrich bust

Dr Grant van Ulbrich

Sales Transformation Director - Royal Caribbean Cruises