GST XVII: Talent to Thrive: Inspiring Cultural Change

18 October 2022

The team at Consalia are excited to announce this year’s Global Sales Transformation (GST) event is coming back to London on Thursday 1st December 2022 at its usual location, The London Stock Exchange. The event is being brought to you by Consalia, UCAS, Middlesex University and the Institute of Sales Professionals. The theme of this year’s GST event is - Talent to Thrive: Inspiring Cultural Change


The sales industry has been facing difficult times, and with the highly talked about recession approaching, it will be a challenge for many organisations to navigate. On top of this, organisations are also facing the challenge of attracting, engaging, and retaining sales staff.

With these hurdles, coupled with the ever-evolving culture of the industry, this year's GST event will focus on exploring:


  • How can companies source great sales talent?
  • How can we engage our sales teams during these times of uncertainty?
  • What can organisations do to retain their best sales talent?


These topics will be explored through the lens of government legislation that has opened the door to sales and sales leadership apprenticeships in the UK, many of which sales leaders are unaware of.


This year’s confirmed guest speakers are:


  • Louise Sutton, Academy Director at Consalia and Patrick Joiner, Managing Director at ISP 
  • Katie Bell, Chief Marketing Officer at UCAS 
  • Nick Rose, Sales Director at Sharp 
  • Jon Nicholson, Group Sales Director at Royal Mail 
  • Jo Hillman, Senior Sales Director at CWT 


In addition to our confirmed guests, also look forward to a panel with sales experts from well-known organisations such as Amazon Web Services, Sharp, Royal Mail and more.


We are excited to welcome you back to the event, network and share knowledgeable insights.


Watch this space for more updates on the agenda, as well as added panel speakers and their topics.


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