Unlocking Sales Success: Empowering Inclusive Change Management

21 June 2023

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Are you ready to embrace change within both your personal life and sales career? 

Join us on Monday the 31st of July 2023, at 11:30PM BST (12:30pm – 2pm CET) to unlock sales success, featuring Dr. Grant Van Ulbrich, the Founder of SCARED SO WHAT Ltd and Global Sales Transformation Director at Royal Caribbean Cruises.  

The next session with Grant will provide a unique insight into how you are able to unlock sales success. Grant is a recent Consalia alumni who, like Consalia, is on a mission to professionalise the sales career path. He is one of the first to complete the masters in Leading Sales Transformation and to become a Doctor in Sales Transformation, as well as a Certified Sales Transformation Coach within the travel and hospitality industry.  

This dynamic Masterclass has been designed to equip you with valuable knowledge and practical skills to navigate personal change in the sales industry. Whether you're a sales leader or a team member, the aim of this Masterclass is to enhance your understanding of change management and empower you to lead your teams through transformational coaching.  

By the end of this Masterclass, you will achieve the following learning outcomes:  

  1. Gain a deep understanding of the importance of incorporating personal change management in sales.  
  2. Learn the innovative personal change model called SCARED SO WHAT and discover how to apply it within your teams. 
  3. Develop the ability to apply a transformational coaching style to support your sales teams in managing daily stress, anxiety, and personal change immediately.  

Why is there a need for change in sales? 

Not only will this webinar expand on this question, but it will also focus on the reasons why change management is crucial for sales leaders. We will discuss various organisational change models and identify the gap to individual change success. Additionally, we’ll uncover the significance of individual change acceptance or rejection and provide strategies to effectively engage your team members. 

Grant’s SCARED SO WHAT Model will also be introduced, which was a product of his MSc in Leading Sales Transformation. He will guide attendees through the SCARED process and its application for individuals and sales leaders, while also leading you through the process of creating a SO WHAT plan that supports and empowers transformation. Additionally, you will learn how to bridge the gap between decision and indecision, uncover the mechanism of the SO WHAT plan, and implement critical reflective thinking as a sales leader for your teams.  

Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your sales leadership skills and navigate personal change management in a way you’ve never done before. Register now to transform your approach to sales.  

Note: This event is intended for professionals in the sales industry seeking to develop their leadership skills and improve their change management abilities.  

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