The Sales Transformation Podcast: Ep 83 - Key learnings of a Sales Enablement leader: What does the future of the Sales Enablement role look like?

13 July 2023

In this episode of The Sales Transformation Podcast Dr Phil is joined by Adriana Romero who is the current Senior Manager of Products and Cloud Enablement at OpenText. The episode takes a look into Adriana’s path from living in Venezuela to moving to Canada to become an expert in Sales Enablement.


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Adriana discusses the main key learnings from her experience in sales enablement:  

  • [21:30] The CEO needs to believe in enablement in order to be successful  
  • [29:35] The right way to look at metrics in Sales Enablement  
  • [35:26] The sales challenge you face is usually much deeper than you think  
  • [43:32] Sales enablement needs a seat at the C-Level 
  • [53:17] The future of sales enablement: Chief Enablement officer  


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