The Sales Transformation Podcast: Ep 68 – Can vision and coaching be combined as a strategy to reduce attrition of sales professionals?

24 March 2023

How can companies retain their top talent in the sales profession? 

Don’t miss out on this latest episode of The Sales Transformation Podcast, where Simon Wheeler, Account Executive for Transport at Salesforce, shares his insights on using Vision and Coaching as a winning strategy. Simon recently spoke at our Global Sales Transformation event last December 2022.

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Listen as we explore how this approach can reduce attrition rates and help businesses stay ahead in the ever-changing economy, as well as discussing the shifting attitudes towards employers and career aspirations that are influencing the job market today.

Simon dives into:

-       [3:44] Why sales leaders need to come up with strategies to reduce attrition of salespeople at their organisations
-       [15:28] What to consider when developing these strategies
-       [19:13] “V2GROW” – A conceptual coaching methodology that can be used to achieve success in reducing attrition

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