The Sales Transformation Podcast: Ep 59 - How Important Will The Sales Mindsets Be In 2023? With Dr Phil and Will Squire

23 January 2023

Dr Philip Squire is joined on today’s episode of The Sales Transformation Podcast by Will Squire, Head of Sales at Consalia.

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This episode is not one to miss – especially if you want to learn about how to use the Sales Mindsets to be successful in 2023.

The Sales Mindsets were brought to light as a result of Phil’s doctoral research on “How do customers want to be sold to?”: the result being the 4 key values that customers have said they want to see in salespeople when being sold to: 

1)    Authenticity
2)    Client-centricity
3)    Proactive Creativity
4)    Tactful Audacity

But how do you transform your sales practice to display the mindsets when selling to your customers?

This episode dives into:

[31:05] Why sales professionals REALLY need to embed the sales mindsets into the way they sell in 2023
[20:10] Whether you can change your values to become a better salesperson
[48:54] The importance of values over behaviour when it comes to selling

And so much more!

You won’t want to miss this episode – it could transform the way you sell this year.

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