The Sales Transformation Podcast: Ep 49 - Transforming Sales with Dr Philip Squire

07 July 2022

Recently, Dr Phil had the pleasure of being invited to share his expertise in the sales industry in a special TedTalk hosted by Waldemar Adams, Global SVP, SAP Customer Success COO Office. 


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In this episode, Dr Phil gives an insightful presentation to a group of SAP sales leaders about transformation, during which he touches on the implications of forced change, transformation and the importance of culture. Also, gain great insight on the research and development of the positive and negative mindsets of salespeople.


The second thought that I found quite interesting as I was doing the doctorate, is the predictive nature of values and belief systems. If you know in your sales team, that your sales team have a particular values and belief approach, you can pretty well be guaranteed to know how they're going to behave in a crisis or how they're going to behave in any kind of sales opportunity or problem.

And as a leader, it makes you much more comfortable that if that culture is really strong, that the way in which your teams are going to act or react is going to be as you would want it.


Look forward to:

[8:10] Culture and strategy 

[13:30] The top 10% and their values and belief systems

[19:27] The hierarchy of values

[27:38] Is it possible to change someone's values and belief systems?



What do you think is more important, culture or strategy? 


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