The Sales Transformation Podcast - Ep 13: Predictive Analytics in Sales with Ofer Zilberman

08 June 2021

Predictive Analytics in Sales with Ofer Zilberman


The Sales Transformation Podcast: Ep 13 - Predictive analytics in sales with Ofer Zilberman


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How can sales teams leverage the technology that exists to better predict future sales revenues?

Ofer Zilberman, Senior Director for Business Insights and Productivity at ServiceNow joins Dr Phil Squire, as the two discuss the interesting topic of Predictive Analytics within Sales and how the subject has always been a challenge for organisations to manage.

Ofer has had various roles in Sales Operations, Sales Excellence and Productivity roles for a variety of global software companies such as Mercury, SAP, CommVault and, of course, ServiceNow, collaborating with sales management at all levels of the organisation to establish the right productivity-enhancing programmes that drive actionable insights via advanced analytics that not only predict business outcomes but secures them.

The pair discuss:

  • What are the right mindsets to have when looking at predictive analytics?
  • What type of programmes can help drive more pipeline?
  • How to produce data in a way that people will act on it and react to it?

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