#110 – Mastercast: Awakening an unquenchable thirst for knowledge w/ Simon Topley (2021)

15 February 2024

Join us on The Sales Transformation Podcast for another of our Mastercast episodes, spotlighting one of our amazing master’s programme graduates. This week it’s the turn of Simon Topley, Sales Centre Manager at Royal Mail.

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Simon began his career at Royal Mail as a postman before shifting into sales. Many years later he found himself on another transformational journey, as managing some new sales apprentices inspired him to begin a level 7 apprenticeship himself, which included studying for his master’s degree. 


Highlights include: 

  • [17:39] – Doing a master's can open your mind 
  • [27:04] – Learning has a ripple effect in an organisation 
  • [30:24] – How a culture of learning can improve sales performance 


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