Who says no to a $450million deal?

Consalia / 28 March 2013
What possible explanation could there be for a strategic decision behind responding "No" to a $450million single-vendor deal opportunity? This was the question examined in a recent article by Consalia CEO, Dr Philip Squire.At a time when multi-year, single supplier mega-deals have been threatened by smaller, multi-supplier deals (much of this due to the advent of cloud computing, aggressive pricing and increased competition), organisations have had to become increasingly strategic about the outsourcing deals pursued. This article was published in Sales Initiative magazine on 28.03.13 and examines the role Consalia played in advising Hewlett Packard's bid team team on the ...
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Philip Squire

Consalia launch new website

Philip Squire / 07 March 2013
Consalia are incredibly excited to announce the launch of our very pretty and very new website. As our business grows, it is important that we are able to communicate this with our clients. The recent launch of our Masters Programmes for Sales and Sales Leadership is a testiment to the fact that our client offerings are ever expanding; new faces are joining the Consalia family and our Global Sales Transformation events are operating on a more regular basis throughout the world. To ensure our clients can keep pace with all of our activities, news, blogs and services, we have created ...
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Consalia Masters Makes Radio!

Consalia / 01 March 2013
Today the good work and word of the UK's 1st in-house Masters Programmes for Sales Leaders and Sales Professionals found it's way onto the wavelengths courtesy of Fusefm, Manchester Student Radio. Resident guest, Geraldine Locke of Consalia took the chance to connect with students to promote the role that academia can play beyond the confinds of the university campus.'Sales education' is an extremely important topic; the industry is desparately seeking to legitimise not only it's image, but the underpinning standards by which one qualifies as a sales professional. Whilst we are aiming to professionalise the industry in-house, other institutions are ...
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How much time should you spend thinking?

Consalia / 28 January 2013
Following Consalia's recent GST event, Ian helps, Director at Consalia writes on why thinking time matters for sales leaders. This may seem obvious, however Consalia regularly observes senior executives simply reflecting in, not on or for action.During his keynote, Sir Graeme Lamb, KBE, CMG, DSO, former Leftentant General in the British Army, posed the question "As a Sales Leader, how much time should i spend thinking?". Lamb stunned our audience by stating that he routinely spent 1/3 of his time reflecting, or "white wall staring" as he called it. This article sets-out the importance of reflective practice and giving oneself ...
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Phil Linter

An audacious responce to challenger

Phil Linter / 14 January 2013
Consalia release article in response to the Challenger Sales, drawing upon the similarities with our own Mindset apporach to sales – in particular Tactful Audacity.The recent study and subsequent book, 'The Challenger Sale' has made a significant step in suggesting a major shift in perceptions is required for what good likes like in terms of selling effectiveness. The findings of the Sales Excellence Council (SEC) are very similar to those Consalia have found through our doctoral research study, this paper examines the key findings of both pieces of research and suggesting an inflexion point in sales. The full article can ...
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Happy New Year

Consalia / 01 January 2013
Happy New Year to everyone, we hope that 2013 is a prosperous year for you.
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Phil Linter

GST4 Singapore event report released

Phil Linter / 12 November 2012
This September Consalia, in partership with Middlesex University Institute for Work Based Learning, held its' fourth Global Sales Transformation event. The conference theme, "Intelligence in Sales: Driving Business Performance", was continued from the previous event, held at the London Stock Exchange in April 2012. This report gives an inside look at the companies at the forefront of the technology space and how big data is fuelling big ideas especially within the Sales Function. Alternatively, download the pdf here
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Phil Linter

"Pioneering in-house Masters degree" makes the broadsheets

Phil Linter / 15 October 2012
Consalia mentioned in The Times Newspaper pull-out, Raconteur, in relation to sales performance and raising the standards of professional practice through programmes such as our "pioneering in-house Masters degree programme". Raconteur Media is a special-interest media company and publisher of high quality special reports. The edition above was the second magazine focusing on the Sales industry, paying particular attention to education within sales.
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Phil Linter

Setting new standards for professionalism with a Masters in Sales Transformation

Phil Linter / 04 July 2012
Consalia Ltd., today announced the UK's first in-house Masters Programmes for the Sales industry. Accredited by The Institute for Work Based Learning, Middlesex University, Consalia will now offer two routes for gaining a Post Graduate Masters in Sales Transformation; one for Sales Leaders, the other for Sales Professionals involved in selling complex solutions. Intake for the Consalia designed Masters Programmes may occur at any time with a minimum cohort of eight. Consalia's global presence means that both courses can be offered worldwide. This announcement represents the first opportunity for organisations to offer high potential / performing employees academic recognition for ...
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Consalia article placed in SAMA magazine

Consalia / 17 November 2008
This article first appeared in SAMA's Velocity article: Vol 10, Number 4, Final Quarter 2008Consalia have had an article placed in this year's final-quarter issue of the Strategic Account Management Association's (SAMA) magazine, Velocity. The article explores winning large, complex sales opportunities at Hewlett Packard and examines the Consalia Mindset or 'values' approach to winning large deals. The case study highlights some astonishing results during an intervention with HP. These included a 67% conversion rate on Deals over $50 million+ for HP (a conversion rate that averaged 73% on subsequest deals). For more information, find the article in our resources ...
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