Transformational Leadership article in TrainingZone

Consalia / 19 March 2014
Why is transformational leadership so important?The challenge for many organisations today is how do you engage people to want to deliver to their potential and beyond? Organisations these days need to find that competitive advantage that comes from extraordinary performance, good corporate citizenship and innovation – the latest research thinking is it’s all about the leader’s style.In her latest article for TrainingZone online, Masters Programme Director Anne Feeney discusses how truely tranformational leaders leverage the knowledge, capability and innovation within their organisation. To read the full article, click here
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GST7 Speaker line-up confirmed

Consalia / 17 February 2014
With our 7th Global Sales Transformation conference just over six weeks away, the line-up of keynote speakers is now final. 'Think Smart: Sales, Strategy & Insights' will focus on why it is that transformational sales strategies are on the sales leadership agenda and the impacts the customers is having on the lanscape of sales as well as the impact this is having on board room discussions.Joining us for 'Think Smart: Sales, Strategy & Insights' - Sir Lawrence Freedman, Professor of War Studies at King's College who will discuss his learnings from military strategies and their application to sales- Professor Hum ...
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Video: Leading channel innovation at Toshiba

Consalia / 06 December 2013
During a recent Consalia Masters breakfast briefing, we were joined by representatives from Toshiba TEC UK who discussed their new approach to innovation and sales growth through investment in their channel partners.In this video, Carl Day, National Sales Director for Toshiba TEC UK, describes his personal journey in sales and how this has shaped his strong belief in an educated and professional sales force. Carl highlights his motivations for bringing professional development to the Toshiba channel as well as some of the benefits he expects to see from deploying the Consalia and Middlesex University Masters in Leading Sales Transformation.The video ...
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GST6 event report published

Consalia / 06 December 2013
The latest report is now available online from our most recent Global Sales Transformation event – The Case for Transformation, held in Singapore. Addressing how can we achieve organisational as well as personal relevance in an increasly less differentiated world, and maximise sales effectiveness at the same time, the report focuses on the event theme of collaboration. The conference sought to analyse the lessons and best practice we can learn from the notion of collaboration, and the application of these lessons for transforming sales performance today. Keynote presentations included Professor Hum, Deputy Dean of NUS Business School as well as ...
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GST5 event report published

Consalia / 28 October 2013
The latest report is now available online from our recent Global Sales Transformation event – The Case for Transformation, held at the London Stock Exchange. Faced with unprecedented change, salespeople are struggling to make an impact in today's turbulent economy. GST5 examined the question, "Does sales need to change?" This report summarises the key messages and findings from the day; explore how thought-leaders like SAP, GSK and ATOS are outperforming the competition by making themselves both more relevant and more professional.View the full report here.
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Is HR ready to help ensure sales growth?

Consalia / 30 July 2013
How can HR help to cost-effectively improve sales? This is the question that Consalia Director Ian Helps sought to answer. His article, 'Is HR ready to help ensure sales growth?' first appeared in HR magazine on 30th July 2013.Growing revenue is often seen as the tougher sibling of cost cutting yet, for many organisations, the former is where effort needs to go to achieve the next level of performance, especially in sales. And, unfortunately, sales and HR often enjoy a difficult relationship with sales professionals having some of the trickiest HR issues to manage.Read the full article here and find ...
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SAP begin Masters

Consalia / 11 July 2013
SAP has begun its journey as the first company to undertake the Consalia and Middlesex University Masters in Leading Sales Transformation. This week the first cohort of Masters students, joined us for their induction week. Traveling from across the globe, we were joined by some of SAP's most senior and high performing sales leaders. The induction ran smoothly with some great feedback from the team, including this statement which perhaps best captures the enthusiasm and motivation towards an academically accredited standard of practice for Sales in what is a momentus occassion for ourselves, the "students" and hopefully the professional Sales ...
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Why do 7/10 change programmes fail?

Consalia / 17 June 2013
Consalia Masters Programme Director, Anne Feeney recently wrote an article entitled "Why do seven out of ten change programmes fail?"; it first appeared in HR Zone on 17th June 2013.Although most change programmes are highly planned and robustly executed, it's a fact that the majority fail to achieve the objectives set out at the start of the programme. They fail to achieve the result of changing people's behaviour so, consequently, they also fail to achieve sustainable change. Therefore, no matter what the aspirations, how compelling the business need or how much money is being invested in these initiatives they consistently ...
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An L&D route map to the boardroom

Consalia / 14 June 2013 publishes recent article by Dr Philip Squire on L&D's route to the boardroom.In the article, Phil suggests how Learning & Development can help to secure a place at the head table by optimising the quality standards in corporate Sales teams. In addition to ensuring the highest levels of effective compliance, customer service and ROI, it makes for the best possible attraction, development and retention rates. Given Sales' direct impact on the bottom line, Phil suggests that it is the perfect means by which L&D can move from building competence to impacting upon the business and therefore secure a more ...
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Consalia feature in Si magazine

Consalia / 03 April 2013
A recent article by CEO, Dr Philip Squire has this month been published in the printed edition of Sales Initiative magazine. The article addressed the changing climate of the outsourcing industry and the need for adaptability and the right mindset.Dr Squire examined the case example and mindset approach behind Hewlett Packard's successful closure of a £277m, seven-year outsourcing contract with one of the World’s largest mining and natural resources corporation, Anglo-American. Click here to view the article.
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