Rapid Response Labs

A new way to accelerate sales faster

Rethinking the traditional sales approach during critical times

What are Rapid Response Labs?


Definition Lab: lâb) n & v. 

1. A controlled environment for experimenting with new ways of creating value

2. A dedicated physical space with supporting techniques and tools

3. An iterative process for answering difficult questions and accelerating the process of implementation and hence results generation


Companies around the world are going through unprecedented change with expectations to succeed in transforming their customers’ sales experience. A few challenges may arise with selling in virtual teams, developing commercial acumen and closing sales during critical times. As sales professionals, we need to help navigate the path to success for our customers.

Tailor-made, Consalia Rapid Response Labs are designed as an intensive masterclass to quickly address an area in sales that needs improving. Within these labs, participants are encouraged to experiment and reflect on the right behaviours that drive value for their customers.

Through a short 3-month masterclass, Rapid Response Labs are designed to equip candidates with the right skills and knowledge to become confident, inspiring and empowering sales professionals that can accelerate sales rapidly for their organisation.

Key Information

Designed as an intensive masterclass, Rapid Response Labs are created by combining a variety of key modules from the Consalia Learning System. This is then tailored and relevant to each individual company.

  • Duration ≥ 3 months
  • Location Blended delivery (mixture of online and in-person delivery)
  • Dates Enquire for available dates

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