"When I joined HP's Outsourcing Division I quickly assessed that the current approach wasn't getting the results we needed. It was vitally important that we became recognised as a major player in the outsourcing market.

The workshops undertaken with Consalia instigated a change in the mindset of our people – both at team and individual level. Teams approached deals differently. They thought much more creatively about how HP could help the customer to increase their business and achieve their goals.

The financial results were outstanding – both the percentage of sales won and the cost reductions. WVP gave us the confidence to withdraw from several deals that, had we continued to pursue them, would not have been economically viable. We were able to make these decisions early in the bid pursuit process and save considerable resources.

The WVP methodology has been strongly reinforced by customers who have reacted positively to the knowledge and understanding that we demonstrated in relation to their business."

William Mills, Vice President, Strategic Sales Engagements, Atos