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Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer

Q:     "Are my sales teams truly meeting the needs of the customer?"

Many companies spend a lot of time researching perceptions about the levels of service they offer but very few actually think to ask their customers how they want to be sold to. In short, they know everything there is to know about what they're selling, but not how to sell it.

To illustrate the point, of the 150 senior sales leaders and HR managers attending a Consalia sales forum event, only 1% said they conduct this type of research. And fewer still sustain it on a regular basis.

Do you think this figure is:

A) Surprising

B) Short-sighted

C) I'd rather not comment

Yet customers are rather passionate about the subject. Sometimes very passionate. After all, senior executives are the target of numerous selling and key account strategies. They have a vested interest. So it shouldn't be surprising that most are very willing to share their opinions and insights on sales practices for two key reasons.

First of all, they see suppliers as strategically important to their value chain. And secondly, they believe that very few sales people sell in the way they want to be sold to. In fact, less than 10% of sales people meet customer expectations of good selling practice.

A:      And that's where we come in. Since 2004 Consalia has been interviewing high level executives to find out what they want and expect, applying the results to help our clients calibrate the effectiveness of their sales, strengthen their customer relationships, and win more deals.