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Q:     "Can a Sales Performance Culture and Learning Culture Co Exist?"

Such is the pressure on sales organisations to meet sales targets that time on non client-facing activities such as training and development is carefully monitored. Proving the ROI of training and development initiatives is notoriously difficult. It's rare that organisations are able to evaluate the business value of their training beyond the happy sheets that are filled in at the end of a workshop.

Yet we know that organisations that do not invest in the development of their staff suffer from higher attrition ratios, poor morale, and poor performance. In much the same way as top athletes train to reach optimal performance so too must sales organisations train to perform optimally. The challenge is how can companies create a learning culture around optimizing sales performance and how can this be measured?

Our clients challenge us with key questions - how can the outputs of training be measured and linked to performance? How can individuals be incentivized so that at the same time as performing, they learn and achieve recognition for their learning contribution? Finally how can organisations benefit through the insight and thought leadership of their staff?

A:      For the past six years Consalia has worked with Middlesex University's Institute of Work Based Learning to accredit learning in the workplace. The advantage of Work Based Learning programmes is that academic qualification is built around existing in-house programmes, where the outputs are measured against key learning outcomes and based on corporate goals and objectives. We have worked with a range of clients to do so – Santander Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, HBOS, Hewlett Packard and SAP are some high profile examples.

The results have been profound. At an organisational level value has been quantified by our customers in terms of increased cross selling, lower attrition ratios, higher conversion ratios for those selling complex solutions, improvements to sales process, governance models and improved customer satisfaction levels.

As a result Consalia has created a Masters programme for sales leaders and sales executives selling large and complex solutions. Its MSc in Professional Practice Leading Sales Transformation is geared for sales managers. The MSC in Professional Practice Sales Transformation is geared for those selling to large and complex accounts. We now have a quick route to market for those organisations who want to:

- measure the outputs of training
- provide a track for high potential employees
- encourage a culture of thought leadership and innovation

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