Large Deals

Large Deals

Large Deals

Q:     "How to increase the win rate on large deals?"

Set aside the current economic predicament, one of the fundamental challenges within sales has, and always will be, improving the conversion / win rates of large deals. The current commercial climate has only served to heighten the need for a more efficient and directed workforce.

A:      Since 2006 Consalia has coached account teams working on large deals, with the express purpose of improving the win ratios, reducing the cost of sales and shortening the sales cycle. This includes organisations such as: Hewlett Packard, Wipro, T Systems, Logica.

These 'interventions' have been conducted across a wide range of industries in both a 'Reactive', Live deal situation, and a 'Proactive', Strategic Positioning framework, on deals worth up to $50 million+. On average we have delivered a 72% increase on conversion rates for our clients.

The reason for this success? Consalia base all of its deal interventions on what we call a "Winning Value Proposition". WVP is a powerful solution that is specifically designed to address the challenge of improving win rates on large, global and complex deals. WVP is supported by extensive academic research and underpinned by the core "mindsets" of Consalia. We use these mindsets to create new and innovate ideas and solutions, and create differentiation in the way in which the sales team sells. In a market where products and solutions are often the same, this is key.

In our experience it is these 'Mindsets' that make the difference between doing, and not doing the things that make a deal happen. Our approach was tested by one of our clients who compared the win ratios on WVP led deals to non-WVP led deals. The difference was a staggering 73% conversion ratio compared to a 33% conversion ratio. We are not so naïve to presume ours is the only method of improving win rates, however this notion of success through the adoption of 'Mindset', is not born out of any sense of arrogance. We know this stuff works. More importantly, our customers know it works.

Consalia have received numerous National Training Awards as a result of our work with WVP.