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Collaboration & Integration

Collaboration & Integration

Q:     "Why are Sales consistently 18 months late in implementing our strategy?"

Many CEOs face this performance gap despite (or because of) significant investments in sales enablement skills, the latest methodologies and "efficient" CRM systems. Sales training vendors routinely promise a quick fix. All you have to do is throw away your existing knowledge, skills and processes, fully embrace their programmes, and learn a new language of selling. Simple. Well, yes. Too simple, in fact. The new programme typically fails to take hold and the performance gaps remain.

A:      Consalia takes a different approach. We don't walk in, throw what you know out, and start again from scratch. Instead, we work closely with you to assess your requirements and identify a roadmap for lasting improvement. We maximise your existing sales training investment by integrating your existing skills and knowledge as much as possible, with our own training.

Consalia often work with ideologies, methods and processes that our clients have invested in. This means us working with other training vendors both as prime contractors and sub contractors. We have a collaborative mindset. The fact we do not promote a particular method, or sell licensed materials means we are very adaptable. Whether our customers have standardised on Blanchard's Situational Leadership framework, Huthwaite's Spin Selling method, Bosworth's solution selling process, Miller Heimen's Key Account Programme, Summit Group's Value Creation method, does not really matter. Often these programmes are not linked to a holistic approach to sales force development. This is where we come in. We are not out to sell a process, more a way of thinking. We simply want to help you maximise your sales potential by addressing skills gaps where they exist and by embedding learning.