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Q:     "How does Coaching make an average Sales Leader a highly effective Sales Leader?"

According to recent research the single most important differentiating managerial competency is coaching. Yet although the skills required by a manager acting as a coach are different from the skills required by external executive coaches, often internal training programmes do not make the subtle differentiations to the skills and application required. Time and resource constraints can mean that managers find it easier to "tell" than to mentor, and easier to mentor than to coach, even though research proves that for learning to be effective, adults need to be self-directed in their learning, need to know why they are learning something, and have a vast wealth of their own experience to bring to their learning. If we are to help sales leaders be effective coaches, they need to understand that differentiation.

A:      Consalia helps Sales Leaders really apply the skills of coaching to their teams by ensuring that all coaching development learning is firmly rooted in what experts know helps adults to learn. That, together with many years of practical Sales Leadership experience in the coaching learning team, allows us to demonstrate practical, expert, real-world coaching excellence. All of our coaching facilitators have at least a Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching (and Mentoring), and are experienced and accredited coaches. Our "Coaching for Sales Transformation" programme can be delivered as part of a Post Graduate Certificate, Diploma or Masters qualification, or can stand alone as a 3-day workshop.