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IJST : 'The importance of values'

Consalia / 25 May 2017

This article first appeared in the May 2017 edition of the International Journal of Sales Transformation. It summarises the doctoral thesis of Consalia CEO, Dr. Philip Squire, which analysed the values or 'Mindsets' that underpin best practice behaviour in the top 10% of sales professionals.

Excerpt: 'My research has shown that, when making purchasing decisions, customers seek a layer of value that goes beyond the product or solution. Customers look for a complex amalgam of attributes from their account executive: the ability to sustain intelligent conversation (as one interviewee stressed, “Don’t give me data, give me intelligence!”); leadership to leverage resources from disparate parts of their organisations, (“I want a salesperson; I just don’t want him pointing at me; I want him pointing back inside his organisation; I want him to leverage my weight and power back inside his company in order that I can get a better deal all round.”); collaboration to work with resources from both inside and outside the companies that both parties represent; underpinned by authenticity (“We would like to work with honest people.”). The baseline point of entry for salespeople to be effective in selling complex solutions has changed – but to what?'

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