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Phil Linter

GST6: Singapore 2013

Phil Linter / 05 December 2013

The Case for Transformation

How can we achieve organisational as well as personal relevance in an increasly less differentiated world, and maximise sales effectiveness at the same time?

Most people will have heard of the ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu and his book The Art of War, but more recently, attention has been turning to another Chinese military leader, the 15th century admiral and diplomat Zheng He. GST6 The Case for Transformation, examined how exploration and collaboration lay at the heart of Asia's greatest trading initiative; further the conference sought to analyse the lessons and best practice we can learn and apply for transforming sales performance today.

Keynote presentations included Professor Hum, Deputy Dean of NUS Business School led a line up of exceptional speakers from companies such as Fuji Xerox, Allergan and SAP; the insights given demonstrate the movement within certain corporate arena's – towards a more collaborative method of gaining competitive advantage.

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