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APJ Sales Leadership Masters

Consalia / 08 February 2019
Download the Consalia APJ Sales Leadership Masters brochure here
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Post Graduate Sales Education

Consalia / 14 December 2015
As the largest provider of post-graduate sales education in Europe, Consalia – in conjunction with Middlesex University – has broadened it's portfolio of accredited sales programmes. The Multi-Client Cohort (MCC) has been launched following the successes of our in-company Masters programmes and comes at the request of current students and prospective customers. The MCC programmes offer greater flexibility to sponsoring companies, catering for smaller cohorts. The programme also offer individuals seeking a work-based professional qualification in sales a route to sales Mastery.For further enquiries and applications, please see below:Asia-Pacific: Contact Corrinne SimROW: Contact Philip Linter
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Voice of the Customer

Consalia / 28 March 2013
While many companies research customers' views on service levels very few research customers' views on how they want to be sold to. Consalia asked 150 senior sales leaders and HR managers, who were attending a Consalia sales forum event, how many of them conduct this type of research. The results indicated less than 1%.Fewer still sustain this research on a regular basis.Yet customers are quite passionate about the subject. Senior level executives are the object and target of many companies' selling and key account strategies. They are very willing to share their opinions and insights on sales practices, for two ...
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The Masters

Consalia / 08 January 2013
Alternatively download the brochure here This brochure sets out the purpose, constructs, benefits and testimony for the Consalia designed Masters Programmes, accredited by Middlesex University.
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