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Philip Squire

The University in the Workplace

Philip Squire / 18 February 2013
In the early 1990s when Middlesex University was first formulating its approach to accrediting learning in the workplace against academic standards there was talk of 'the curriculum in the workplace'. The language was deliberate to differentiate the context in which learning took place from the traditional 'subjects' taught in the University's various schools. Thereafter the debate has tended to move towards the quality control systems the University needed to put in place to ensure that learning in the workplace could be seen to be subject to the same kind of academic rigour as applied to more traditional subject led taught ...
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Philip Squire

Making waves in the field of corporate selling

Philip Squire / 14 February 2013
In this paper, Peter Critten, Middlesex University and Dr Philip Squire, CEO of Consalia, explore the role of action research in the co-production of knowledge. They suggest some principles that might encourage other leaders in the Sales industry to adopt a 'global research' approach to practice as well as the role the Universities might play in ensuring the 'co-production of knowledge' continues and is 'integrated' within a wider discourse.
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