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Sony Mobile Communications Masters

Consalia / 11 November 2014
In this excerpt Matthew Lang – Vice President Global Sales and Marketing Operations, Sony Mobile Communications – discusses Sony Mobile's adoption of the Consalia and Middlesex University, Masters in Sales Transformation. In this extract, Matthew highlights the Masters as a crucial ement in creating "the best sales and marketing organisation on the planet". Sony Mobile are currently on a a journey to establish their commercial academy, to which the Consalia Masters sits at the pinnacle of professional development for their sales people.
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Simon Dale, MOV.1

Consalia / 06 June 2014
Simon Dale: Post Module 2Simon Dale, Head of Technology & Innovation at SAP Asia Pacific & Japan, discusses the uniqueness of the Consalia and Middlesex University MSc Programme. In this video, Simon highlights how the 'work-based' element of the programme is helping him embed the learnings by directly applying them to his unique challenges within SAP.At this stage, Simon had completed the second of seven individual modules on this two year MSc programme.
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