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Philip Squire

Internalise the Mindsets for Outsourcing Success

Philip Squire / 11 February 2013
In the current global economic climate we are observing a plethora of technological, fiscal and competitive trends. These constantly reshape the global environment in which the outsourcing industry operates. Successful bids are no longer the prerogative of major transnational corporations. The days of multi-year, single supplier mega-deals has been threatened by smaller, multi-supplier deals. Much of this is due to the advent of cloud computing, driving down prices and opening up competition. Organisations have had to become increasingly strategic about the outsourcing deals pursued. The following case study examines the role of Consalia Ltd in advising the Hewlett Packard team ...
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Consalia / 07 February 2013
Consalia are a joint venture formed by three of Europe’s largest and well-respected consulting groups: Praxi, Development Systems and Consalia Ltd. In addition, Consalia has affiliate partners in Europe, the US and in Asia.Find reference to our shareholders and partners in the following areas: - Consalia Partners- Locations
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Consalia / 07 February 2013
The word 'Mindset' refers to Consalia's very specific values based approach to selling; our methodology is the result of extensive research and validation throughout thousands of client interventions.Find reference to Mindset in the following areas: - Shaping our Philosophy - The Mindsets Case examples: - Starbucks - AET
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Ian Helps

Think Time

Ian Helps / 28 January 2013
"As a Sales Leader, how much time should i spend thinking?" This challenge was offered to a group of business and sales leaders by Sir Graeme Lamb, KBE, CMG, DSO, former Lieutenant General in the British Army at Global Sales Transformation event held recently by Consalia. You will have your own unique response. Sir Graeme stunned our audience by stating that he routinely spent 1/3 of his time reflecting, or "white wall staring" as he called it. This article sets-out why thinking time matters for sales leaders. Alternatively, download the pdf here
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Philip Squire

Tactful Audacity & The Challenger Sale

Philip Squire / 14 January 2013
A new research study and subsequent book, 'The Challenger Sale' has made a significant step in suggesting a major shift in perceptions is required for what good likes like in terms of selling effectiveness. The findings of the Sales Excellence Council (SEC) are very similar to those Consalia have found through our doctoral research study – the fact we have reached our conclusions from different angles supports the conclusions reached by both parties.This paper examines the key findings of both pieces of research and suggests that 'we', the profession of sales, is at an inflexion point. The implications of the ...
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The Masters

Consalia / 08 January 2013
Alternatively download the brochure here This brochure sets out the purpose, constructs, benefits and testimony for the Consalia designed Masters Programmes, accredited by Middlesex University.
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Phil Linter

GST3 Report: London 2012

Phil Linter / 13 December 2012
This April Consalia, in partership with Middlesex University Institute for Work Based Learning, held our theird Global Sales Transformation event. The conference theme, "Intelligence in Sales: Driving Business Performance", addressed the ways in which sales must respond, at both a leadership and a sales operations level, in order to compete more effectively in today's tough marketplace. This event explored the role that intelligence and creativity play in achieving this. Alternatively, download the pdf here
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UK's 1st in-house Masters for Sales

Consalia / 04 July 2012
Setting new standards for professionalism with a Masters in Sales TransformationConsalia Ltd., today announced the UK's first in-house Masters Programmes for the Sales industry. Accredited by The Institute for Work Based Learning, Middlesex University, Consalia will now offer two routes for gaining a Post Graduate Masters in Sales Transformation; one for Sales Leaders, the other for Sales Professionals involved in selling complex solutions. Intake for the Consalia designed Masters Programmes may occur at any time with a minimum cohort of eight. Consalia's global presence means that both courses can be offered worldwide. This announcement represents the first opportunity for organisations ...
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Improved Customer Management

Consalia / 19 April 2012
Mark Davies speaking at Consalia's 3rd Global Sales Transformation Event in April 2012. In this clip, Davies provides a synopsis of his Keynote in which he discussed case examples from his previous role at BP. These case examples were around the transformation of a number businesses through improved customer management.
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SAMA: Velocity

Consalia / 01 October 2008
Placed in the Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) magazine, Velocity in 2008, the article explored winning large, complex sales opportunities. The article paid particular attention to the values based approach to winning large deals. The cases referenced in the article validated the Consalia Mindset or 'values' approach to winning large deals and highlight some astonishing results. This included a 67% conversion rate on Deals over $50 + for HP (a conversion rate that averaged 73% on subsequest deals), as well as the Tactful Audacity in saying "No" to a $450 million, seven year deal and still winning it! For more ...
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