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GST6 - The Case for Transformation

Consalia / 05 September 2013
GST6, The Case for Transformation exploress how we can make sales more relevant in a less differentiated world. The event was a repeat of an earlier conference held in London.
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Ian Helps

HR must help employees find their 'core'

Ian Helps / 02 September 2013
This article first appeared in HR Zone on 2nd September 2013.HR must help employees find their 'core' and how it relates to the company's visionResults! That's what every CEO wants and, ultimately, they need it from sales -and from those responsible for sales. So this means higher sales growth targets and selling more of that "new high margin solution" to higher level and higher worth customers. The HR profession is charged with developing the right people to ensure the company's future - including sales leaders – so, if you could impact sales results what more concrete proof could there be ...
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Phil Linter

GST5: London 2013

Phil Linter / 23 August 2013
Faced with unprecedented change, salespeople are struggling to make an impact in today's turbulent economy. GST5 examined the question, "Does sales need to change?" This report summarises the key messages and findings from the day; explore how thought-leaders like SAP, GSK and ATOS are outperforming the competition by making themselves both more relevant and more professional.
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Ian Helps

Is HR ready to help ensure sales growth?

Ian Helps / 30 July 2013
This article first appeared in HR magazine on 30th July 2013.Is HR ready to help ensure sales growth?I read that UK growth is set to hit 2.2% in 2014. 'Please come back to me with some ideas on what HR can do to help us grow our revenues faster.' Expecting something like that from your CEO soon? How will you react? Growing revenue is often seen as the tougher sibling of cost cutting yet, for many organisations, the former is where effort needs to go to achieve the next level of performance, especially in sales. And, unfortunately, sales and HR ...
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Philip Squire

An L&D route map to the boardroom

Philip Squire / 30 June 2013
This article was first published in trainingzone on the 12th June 2013. In it, "A cost centre to appease personnel development commitments that delivers positive feedback but no real business outcomes." Stark words, but probably ones that many of us have heard from senior business executives when referring to the L&D function and recent research on the impact and perception of L&D would certainly support this perception. For example, according to research from the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), only 24% of line managers believe L&D is critical to business outcomes and, even more worrying, 56% believe employee performance would not ...
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The Case for Transformation

Consalia / 20 June 2013
GST5: The Case for TransformationHow do we make sales more relevant in a less differentiated world? How do we make it a reputable and sought after profession?How do we give it the legitimacy that it deserves?On the 2nd July 2013, Consalia will be hosting their 5th annual Global Sales Transformation conference at the London Stock Exchange, where we will seek to explore the question "Does Sales need to change?" The Case for Transformation will bring together industry experts and participants, to debate and stimulate thought leadership on topics around Sales. We will hear from leading global companies: GSK, SAP, Toshiba, ...
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Anne Feeney

Why do seven out of 10 change programmes fail?

Anne Feeney / 17 June 2013
This article first appeared in HR Zone on 17th June 2013 Failing to achieve transformational objectivesAlthough most change programmes are highly planned and robustly executed, it's a fact that the majority fail to achieve the objectives set out at the start of the programme. They fail to achieve the result of changing people's behaviour so, consequently, they also fail to achieve sustainable change. Therefore, no matter what the aspirations, how compelling the business need or how much money is being invested in these initiatives they consistently fail to achieve the transformational shift required by the business.The problem with most change ...
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Consalia feature in Si magazine

Consalia / 03 April 2013
A recent article by CEO, Dr Philip Squire was published in this month's printed edition of Sales Initiative magazine. The article addressed the changing climate of the outsourcing industry and the need for adaptability and the right mindset.Dr Squire examined the case example and mindset approach behind Hewlett Packard's successful closure of a £277m, seven-year outsourcing contract with one of the World’s largest mining and natural resources corporation, Anglo-American. Click here to view the article
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Voice of the Customer

Consalia / 28 March 2013
While many companies research customers' views on service levels very few research customers' views on how they want to be sold to. Consalia asked 150 senior sales leaders and HR managers, who were attending a Consalia sales forum event, how many of them conduct this type of research. The results indicated less than 1%.Fewer still sustain this research on a regular basis.Yet customers are quite passionate about the subject. Senior level executives are the object and target of many companies' selling and key account strategies. They are very willing to share their opinions and insights on sales practices, for two ...
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Reflective Practice - Sir Graeme Lamb

Consalia / 28 March 2013
In this extract from Consalia's 4th Global Sales Transformation event, held in Singapore, Retired Lieutenant General Sir Graeme Lamb gives a military perspective on reflective practice. He describes how time management was a critical factor for him in comprehending the challenges he faced and the environment surrounding him.To view the event report, including Sir Graeme Lamb's Keynote, click here
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