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Personal Growth Leads to Business Growth

Consalia / 17 November 2015
This article appeared in the July Edition of The International Journal of Sales Transformation, authored by Gustavo Mancera, Sony Mobile Communications. © International Journal of Sales Transformation,
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Phil Linter

Growing Sales Together - Launching the Journal

Phil Linter / 02 March 2015
For further information about the Masters programmes mentioned within, please download the brochure here
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Sony Mobile Communications Masters

Consalia / 11 November 2014
In this excerpt Matthew Lang – Vice President Global Sales and Marketing Operations, Sony Mobile Communications – discusses Sony Mobile's adoption of the Consalia and Middlesex University, Masters in Sales Transformation. In this extract, Matthew highlights the Masters as a crucial ement in creating "the best sales and marketing organisation on the planet". Sony Mobile are currently on a a journey to establish their commercial academy, to which the Consalia Masters sits at the pinnacle of professional development for their sales people.
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2014 Raconteur Times Suppliment

Consalia / 17 September 2014
** As originally seen in ‘Sales Performance’ published by Raconteur in The Times on 17th September ** Download the pdf, here Raconteur feature Consalia MastersRaconteur, the specialist magazine within The Times, today released its second issue focusing on Sales Performance. Once again Consalia's work around professionalism and our unique work-based Masters programmes - in conjunction with Middlesex University – is featured strongly.In the article entitled "Learning to be professional", author Nick de Cent pays particular attention to latest Masters client, Sony Mobile Communications. De Cent notes the demand for high-level professional development in Sales, linked the need for an increased ...
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GST8: Entrepreneurship in Sales

Consalia / 01 July 2014
Alternatively, download the pdf hereAbout ConferenceWhy is it that entrepreneurship is on the sales and sales leadership transformation agenda? There are three critical drivers for entrepreneurship: the customer, sales in a new era and sales leadership.Sales is at a tipping point. Where can one draw inspiration from to create new strategies for selling and its leadership? In Consalia's upcoming eigth Global Sales Transformation event (GST), we offer you the chance to engage with and learn from inspirational speakers including senior level corporates, successful entrepreneurs, academia and leading sales consulting firms on the topic of entrepreneurship in sales.The conference will be ...
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Why the masters

Consalia / 25 June 2014
In this clip, hear from sponsors and students alike as to their reasoning for choosing the Consalia and Middlesex Masters in Leading Sales Transformation.
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Simon Dale, MOV.1

Consalia / 06 June 2014
Simon Dale: Post Module 2Simon Dale, Head of Technology & Innovation at SAP Asia Pacific & Japan, discusses the uniqueness of the Consalia and Middlesex University MSc Programme. In this video, Simon highlights how the 'work-based' element of the programme is helping him embed the learnings by directly applying them to his unique challenges within SAP.At this stage, Simon had completed the second of seven individual modules on this two year MSc programme.
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Death of the old-style salesman

Consalia / 27 April 2014
This article first appeared in the 'Appointments' page of The Sunday Times on 27th April 2014. By Carly Chynoweth Death of the old-style salesmanThey used to be focused on closing the deal, but now sales staff do best when they think of ways to help their customers.The stereotypical salesman is a fast talker who always has his eye on closing the deal. The best sales people, however, are those who are more interested in helping their customers than in getting the contract signed. Sharon Ashcroft, HR director at Ford Retail in the UK, came to this conclusion after an analysis ...
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Collaboration vs War

Consalia / 03 April 2014
Alternatively download the pdf hereThe 'Art of Collaboration' vs the 'Art of War'On the 1st April 2014, Professor Hum Sin Hoon, Deputy Dean of the NUS (National University Singapore) Business School, delivered a repeat of his GST6 keynote presentation. Hum continued to spread the story of how exploration and collaboration lay at the heart of Asia's greatest trading initiative and further sought to analyse the lessons and best practice for sales issues of today. Much of Hum's talk became central themes for the day.To ensure that the inspired teachings of Zheng He (and Professor Hum) are not lost, and in ...
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Corporate training is broken

Consalia / 31 March 2014
Corporate training is broken; so why are you still doing it?The annual UK spend on training has been estimated at around £50bn and yet much of this is wasted because it doesn't result in behavioural change in the workplace.In this extract from the March 2014 edition of Training Journal, Libby Drake, Head of Instructional at Consalia takes a critical look at some of the key issues with current L&D practice and what can be done to remedy them.
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