What makes us special

Consalia Design Approach

Our design principles:

There are 3 distinct characteristics to learning developed with Consalia:

Quality first - Through a combination of your own, and our expertise, we can design and deliver state of the art learning and development. We are renowned for stimulating and thought provoking interventions that unite hearts and minds towards research, analysis and commitment to deliver service culture and Mindsets.

It's experiential - An investment to walk the talk. We design learning through and beyond the channel into the real world. We work with you to evaluate commercial, business and individual success.


Simply Innovative - We blend channels, sectors, cultures and life experiences that simply innovate by drawing from shared best practice, professional experiences and expertise; e.g. take a look at our recent intervention at Shell where hostage negotiation skills added a new dimension to training.

Click the video to view our distinct and engaging design process as a 5 step partnership.