Masters awards keep coming!

Consalia / 22 March 2016

Following awards for Sony and Toshiba TEC in 2015, our Masters clients continue to be recognised in 2016. This year has started well, with Sharples Group winning the prestigious High Sheriff's Award for Responsible Business Practice.

In crediting Sharples Group, this award recognises Sharples' committment to and standards of excellence for responsible business practices. Speaking after the award ceremony, David Griffiths, Sharples Group Sales Director and Masters student commented:

"This will have big impact on Sharples Group and our profile in the local area. The Masters has helped us to understand our values and ethics as a business; all too often it is difficult to substantiate these values, especially in a sales industry that hasn't always been covered in glory. We're very proud of reaching this status amidst stiff competition from Chester Zoo and Jodrell Bank Observatory who were also finalists".

Sharples Group also share in the 2015 Toshiba Masters 'Best Sales Programme' award from the publication Training Journal; for their contribution to an outstanding case study and award entry, which boasted a 76% uplift in outgoing unit sales for Toshiba in a single year as a direct result of the Masters intervention. See the Toshiba story here.

To find out more about our three time award winning Masters programmes, contact us on: +44 (0)20 897 6944

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