A unique alliance

Consalia Global Alliance

A Unique Alliance:

How can you ensure that your investment in training is delivered consistently throughout a global workforce?

This is an issue for many, if not all of our clients. Indeed it presents many challenges for training providers; not many have the resources and scalability to truly deliver.Most providers will buckle up with trusted partner companies to assist them, however how do you ensure that your message is not lost in translation?

Well, it's not something that happens overnight, we can assure you of that. The Consalia Global Alliance however, does in fact deliver on this promise.


It is not simply a partnership between organisations seeking a greater global coverage as a byproduct of overriding ambition. Instead, it is our vision to serve our global client base with the highest standards of consistency and local relevance.

The underpinning unity and strength of the Consalia Global Alliance is due to long-standing relationships with trusted partners who share the ideals of value-based selling and elevating the profession of sales. Combined with a worldwide network of over 450 consultants and associates, located throughout 30 countries and covering 26 languages, we deliver consistently high levels of training with local relevance.

Together we set the new global standard for strategic selling.

Alliance Partners

Summit Group

The Summit Group is a global sales performance improvement company. We work to elevate performance, accelerate revenues, and improve the professional practice and status of sales professionals.