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10 may

APS Transformation event  

APS Transformation event

Title: 'To Transform or Not to Transform'
Date: Thursday 10th May 2016
Time: 08.00 – 10.30 followed by networking

Why do 70% of change programmes fail?' Although most are highly planned and robustly executed, organisations face two clear challenges:

  1. What do 'we' need to transform to? 'Transformation' is everywhere, with organisations constantly seeking to 'transform' in response to competitive trends. But 'transformation' as a term is thrown around far too easily, often representing a 'buzz word' for mere change. After all transformation is not simply changing one's thinking, but actually changing the thinking behind the thinking.

  2. How do 'we' transform? True transformation requires a person's heart as well as mind. Change programmes often breed an air of hype and compliance instead of addressing the underpinning values that drives a sustainable change in behaviour.
This event brings together leading practitioners and APS partners, to offer delegates unique insight into how global organisations are addressing transformation within their industry:

– Umar Gill, Head of Sales Transformation, Vodafone
– Paul Devlin, GM of SAP EMEA & MEE
– APS Partners: EY and Consalia

This practitioner-only event will allow sales leaders and management members the opportunity to to gain valuable insight on the key drivers for successful transformation. You will be able to learn from speakers and other delegates in contributing toward a developing best practice for sustained and successful sales transformation.