But does it work?


Training awards
Measuring the impact of training is notoriously difficult such that many organisations question the efficacy of trying to do so.

Our approach is based on three key principles, good and simple design, effective delivery and then tracking evidence of applied learning. This we do at three different levels:

   -  Auditing of applied learning through university standard
      accreditation learning processes. Here we have a unique
      relationship with Middlesex University.

   -  Third party field research of sales forces where targeted sales
      behaviours can be assessed and benchmarked against other
      sales organisations.

   -  Monitoring of sales performance results through live-deal
      coaching where we are able to document evidence of learning and
      measure deal conversion ratios.

The fact that we have won National Training Awards (awarded on                                                                                                                                                                                        evidence of improved business performance) is further testament                                                                                                                                                                                       to the effectiveness of our development programmes.


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Our sucess lies in the testimony of our customers; there are many Sales methodologies to which people can subcribe, what is important to us is that our customers experience true Consalia Client Centricity as well as personal and organisational success. We are proud of all our client interventions, thus we are proud of the testimony we receive.


Case studies

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Consalia Ltd is part of a joint venture group including Praxi and Development Systems. Our relationships with our partners is based on a shared vision and a collaborative investment of resources. Trust is at the heart of these relationships.