Case studies



HP recognised a need to re-energise and make more efficient the way it persued its large outsourcing deals i.e. deals of $50 million +. The close ratio at the time was about 1 out of 15; furthermore HP was not being invited to the table for many large outsourcing opportunities as they were not seen to be a legitimate player in the market. HP wanted to improve its competitive position and felt that creativity in the deal-making process was key. Consalia were engaged to co-create a workshop that would help turn the outsourcing business around.


To help HP engage with their existing and prospective clients in a new and innovative way for the purposes of improving the win rates on large deals.


Consalia instigated a Winning Value Proposition (WVP) workshop with HP that specifically targeted its large-deal pursuit teams; coaching modules supported this process. During the WVP programme, win themes were established to allow HP to leverage a wide range of its own assets in order to maximise value to the client. This enabled HP to create a highly differentiated strategy and out compete other vendors.


Conversion rates went from 1 out of 15 to a 70% success rate. A total of $4.8 billion has been closed as a result.