Case studies



Vodafone was a facing a huge challenge in Spain, they needed to drive sales growth in order to increase their market share. Vodafone felt that the only way to do this was to change the sales model of their retail operations.


To drive sales growth and increase market share.


After making an assessment of skills sets, Consalia put together a comprehensive development in training programme that was later used as a sales tool. To deal with the 4000 sales people spread over Spain, Consalia created a partnership with an e-learning company and had thirty consultants working on the account. Together they developed a blended training and development solution that was preceded by a consulting intervention. These helped to define Vodafone's current skills profiles and what new sales models should look like. The training was aimed at not only sales executives but also branch managers. At the end of the programme an assessment tool was produced to test the product knowledge of the sales people.

The Outcome:

The programme was seen as an unprecedented success. Vodafone's market share has grown from 26.5% to 30.5%. There has been a visible reduction in staff turnover from 21% to 12% therefore reducing staffing costs. A recent article in the Financial Times reported that Spain's Vodafone service revenues grew by 8.1%, compared with 5.8% in Britain and 4.8% decline in Germany.