Case studies



Siemens Mobile was operating in a highly competitive market place. It recognised it had a technically superior product, however, new Eastern manufacturers were threatening market share. Siemen's sales teams were coming under increasing pressure to focus more of their commercial sales activities as a way to combat this. As a manufacturing led organisation, Siemens had lost touch with its key customer base and was, therefore, not aligned to the needs of those customers.


Siemens had to reconnect with the needs of their customers and align their commercial sales activities to this end.


Consalia conducted a series of interviews across Central, Eastern and Western Europe with a view to collecting customer perspectives as to the effectiveness of Siemens. Each of the interviews was recorded. The outputs of the interviews were used to feed back information at multiple levels inside of Siemens. Much of the materials gathered helped to shape training videos for the sales training and learning development community. These videos explored various topics for co-operative account management and customer interaction e.g. "What it takes to partner", "The importance of respecting the relationship hierarchy in an account", "The importance of taking a more consultative approach with customers" etc. Additionally some of the research information was used to help with new R&D initiatives on product design.


As a result of Consalia's initiative, Siemens was able to reconnect with its key customer base, improve upon its training and development programmes and significantly improve inter-departmental communication and co-operation.