Case studies



Under the stewardship of Carlos Ghosn, Renault recognised that in order for them to compete more effectively against customer satisfaction ratings globally, they had to implement an ambitious programme to equip the dealer channel with the requisite skills to manage the sales and service process more effectively.


To improve customer satisfaction ratings globally.


Through Consalia's partner in France, Consalia created in collaboration with a number of other training vendors, a specific sales management and coaching management programme designed specifically for Renault. The programme embraced the identified 'Best Practice Processes' for maximising sales opportunities and customer satisfaction and managing the service business effectively.


From 2005 untill 2009, Consalia's worldwide training and consulting action on the dealership networks allowed Renault to raise the percentage of Totally Satisfied Customer from 72% to 85%. Further, Renault confirmed that as a result of our intervention programmes they have been able to close on a total of 182,000 new renewing customers per year.

The success of the programme has led to two further interventions with Renault cars.

1. A recruitment intervention where Renault have leveraged Consalia's recruitment assessment tools to help them find the best possible candidates for positions in sales and in service for their dealer channel.

2. Business simulation exercises designed to reinforce the skills that were taught in the 1st round of their sales transformation project.