Case studies



Allergan is best know for its Botox brand of injectable treatments to reduce facial frown lines, which has been used by over 11 million people worldwide. Allergan also makes a wide range of medical and pharmaceutical solutions. The European Medical business, which includes Botox, wanted to improve the performance of its sales teams across Europe. The sophistication of their market is increasing, with customers, such as plastic surgeons increasingly needing solutions and partnership from their suppliers; providing "product alone" is not enough. When Consalia was engaged, Allergan had an existing sales process and wished to leverage this, not replace it with a new one. A major challenge was to do this in nine different languages, including Swedish, French, Spanish, German and Italian in a consistent and innovative way for 100 sales managers, integrating the needs for careful respect for the regulatory aspects of selling in this market. Allergan also wanted to improve their sales managers' abilities to coach and train their own teams.


There was a need to improve the capability of the sales force, including managers; to integrate Consalia's proprietary intellectual property with the existing sales process, and to deliver it across multiple regions simultaneously.


Consalia worked closely with the product marketing and sales teams to develop an innovative way to integrate extensive product and market knowledge training with sales technique and process training. This was in turn embedded in a coaching framework that is used to monitor and improve sales performance.

Results: Allergan uses third party auditing to verify sales performance; results indicate improvements of over 20 %.